Meet the First Watermark Residents! They Want You to Be Their New Neighbors :)

The first residents are beginning to move into Watermark at the Grove, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. When we imagined Watermark, we knew incredible people would be attracted to the luxury apartment lifestyle we were putting together. We are so excited that the first residents to move into Watermark love it for all the same reasons we do. Meet Pauline and Matthew, the original and very first residents to claim Watermark as their home!

Tell us about yourself and your move.
Prior to our move, we lived at Algonquin Square Apartments for two and a half years following our university graduations. Before that, we lived the typical millennial “broke uni student” lifestyle (sans the avocado toast): ramen, dorms, kinda sketchy off-campus apartments, and all.

How did you hear about Watermark?
Our work commutes take us down Randall to I-90, and past Watermark. We were curious as to what was being constructed, and when we found out they were upcoming apartments, we made an effort to keep track of the updates leading to the grand opening.

Why did you choose Watermark?
Each new update released on the Watermark website not only detailed everything we were looking for in a new home, but when we finally saw the apartments in person, the level of quality and attention to detail completely surpassed our expectations. Mark and Ginny Ebacher and their team have done a fantastic job.

What are your favorite features of your apartment?
Everything. Brand new everything. That aside, we have a two bedroom A unit (the same as the two bedroom model), and it’s wonderfully spacious. It offers more than the perfect amount of room for all of the friends we have over when we go out on the weekends, or even when we’re just hosting Game of Thrones watch parties. I think my personal favorite is the Master Bedroom closet, which might actually have a little too much space (we really need to take more shopping trips). We’ve definitely had to buy a lot more furniture, and I’m pretty sure we’ve been primarily responsible for the crazy sales boost with my dad’s store at The Room Place in Algonquin.

What are your favorite community amenities?
We love the clubhouse and the gym. We’ve taken advantage of the pool table with visiting family members, and it’s nice to have the ability to grab a quick cappuccino in between picking up our packages from the Amazon Hub room. Having friends over so often means the video chat feature via the Butterfly MX system is very useful in knowing exactly who’s downstairs. Getting the video call on our phones and giving a quick swipe to let guests in is a great perk.

What do you like about the Watermark location?
It’s right by I-90, so we’re able to hop on the highway and go downtown when we’re in the mood for some nightlife. It’s really increased the speed and efficiency of going out and checking out events in the city.

What’s your favorite nearby restaurant?
Burnt Toast, hands down—we’re breakfast foodies. Additionally, it’s so convenient having Sushi Station right there for a quick sushi fix, or Randall Roadhouse down the street for their Southwest Chipotle wraps. Having such a large, new gym downstairs is also pretty solid—we’ll be needing it to mitigate all of the damage.

Why should people who are looking for an apartment choose Watermark?
Watermark is perfect for anyone at that place in their life where they don’t want to think or worry about the little things. You can just exist, and that’s the purpose of a home—that ability to just relax, unwind, and not only live your life, but enjoy your life.

Any other thoughts?
They’ve really put in the time and effort so that you don’t have to, and you can focus entirely on the moments and relationships that make life better. Major props (and thanks) to the ownership and their team, and MaryPat, as well!


Thank you, Pauline and Matthew! We’re so pleased that you are so pleased!

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