Your Amazing Watermark Kitchen Will Have You Living the Sweet (and Savory!) Life

Picture it now: your friends and family come to visit and they hover around your beautifully designed kitchen, ooo-ing and aw-ing over the amazing meal you’ve prepared to welcome them to your brand new home. This moment made possible by your amazing kitchen, where you get to imagine yourself as the next Top Chef. Why? Because at Watermark, your kitchen is decked out in all the features you’ve ever wanted, and on top of that, everything is new!

A few notable kitchen features:

  • Open Concept Design with an Island: The setup is beautiful and ridiculously practical. And the extended counter design is perfect for sitting comfortably. Can we say, “leg room,” anyone?
  • 42” Upper Cabinets with Choice of White and Maple Slate: Choose the style that suits you, with plenty of extra storage space for everything you need, plus your guilty pleasures: potato chips, Halloween candy, a selection of wines—we’re not judging!
  • Whirlpool Stainless Steel Appliance Package: Durable, classic, and the best part—never used before.
  • Above-Range Microwave: For popcorn, or leftovers, or those times when you just want a Hot Pocket. Easily defrost when you’re cooking, or make the whole meal with the push of a button and relax.
  • Tile Backsplash: This is just for eye-candy. Because you deserve stylish and sleek!
  • Solid Quartz Countertops: This material is low maintenance, hygienic (it doesn’t absorb germs or bacteria), and super durable. They’ll always look sparkly and new.
  • Moen Fixtures: This classic is elegant in style and super functional.
  • Energy Star Certified Refrigerator and Dishwasher: Enjoy energy savings and know you are doing something good to take care of the planet!
  • French Door Refrigerators in Select Residences: Oui, oui, that’s French for “heck yeah!”

Add to these features the open, clean feel and the natural light that brightens the whole apartment, and you have an ideal kitchen! Check out a few photos of the Watermark models:

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