Resident Interview: Out-of-State Relocating Resident on Why He’s Excited about Watermark

Sam lived on the east coast, but his heart was in the Chicago area from growing up in the midwest. He has lived near other big cities (Boston, New York), but he likes the Chicago area best. He recently relocated, and we are so glad he chose to live at Watermark! We spoke with him as he settled into Watermark and loved seeing the community through his eyes. Meet Sam—your potential future Watermark neighbor!

Tell us about yourself and your move.

I lived on the Atlantic coast, and I had a job there I liked okay. I was pretty satisfied with it, but I have a pretty strong connection to Chicago and this area. I wanted to move back, so I worked with a recruiter and found a position out here. It’s a little farther from the city than I expected, but I’m excited about how I’m feeling about it and am psyched about this new place.

How did you hear about Watermark?

I went through what I assume is a typical search, using the web and a few online resources. More than one of them steered me toward it. I checked out a few other newer apartments of similar quality, but this was the one that I chose of the 3-4 I visited.

Why did you choose Watermark?

The newness. One of my other top choices was built 20 years ago or so. The apartment was similar, but I really liked the fact that I was going to be the first to live in this unit. The building I’m in just opened in the past month, so I think that’s exciting. Also, when I compared it with other apartments that had similar features and amenities, even though everything is new, the price is still better here. It was favorable because it was more affordable. I also really liked the fact that it is close to some retail and restaurants—the other places weren’t quite as close.

What are your favorite features of your apartment and why?

One of my favorite features is the up-to-date color palette—it feels like modern choices in terms of cabinet and wall colors. I also like the big windows, and the natural light coming in even though it isn’t south facing. I have a great view of a water feature, trees, and fields. The ceilings are pretty tall, and that’s a feature I’d have a hard time giving up. It feels spacious. It’s close to Randall, which is busy, but the sound proofing is really good—I don’t feel like I’m close to heavy traffic. With my view and the natural light, it feels like I’m in the country a little bit.

What are your favorite community features/amenities and why?

I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the gas grill and patio space. The two club rooms will be a good place to meet up with others—I’m hoping for regular card games. I noticed the fireplace and TV, and can totally imagine watching college or NFL football with people from the community there. Also, I was hoping to invite people from the near city suburbs over, and these gathering spaces within and just outside of my own building expand the possibilities for me—since there are these outdoor spaces and the club room I could have multiple couples or families visit. Also, parking is really easy—you can park right next to the door you live in…where you actually want to go in. There is even an underground parking that I’m sure people will really relish, especially being able to park in a climate-controlled environment in the winter.

What do you like about the Watermark location?

It’s going to be an 8-9 minute commute for me from my new position. It’s also very close to 90—I like that I can be on the freeway in 3-5 minutes. And Randall has convenient gas stations and grocery shopping. I also like that it offers coffee—the Starbucks and Panera are right there.

What’s your favorite nearby restaurant?

I intend to investigate Sushi Station and Giffords. I tried Village Pizza and really liked the people who took care of me there. I also look forward to the reasonably high-end fast food (Chipotle, Jimmy Johns). I’ve already done some shopping nearby in Elgin, and I really love the Mexican/American flavor to this town. The grocery store I checked out was really good—I got some pan dulce and it was super fresh.

Why should people looking for an apartment choose Watermark?

The leasing and management team seems really on their game. When management is on point, it’s a wonderful time to be a resident of the complex. When I moved in, they made it easy and convenient for me, as my stuff was delivered for me to move in to the apartment. I had a U-Haul U-Box shipped across the country and stored at a nearby location in West Dundee, and the team here was very accommodating. Everything with move day went really smoothly. Also, I think being the first renter in a unit in a new building is something you don’t always get to do, so it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of that for an affordable price. You won’t spend more than at other properties in the area, and everything is new.


Thank you, Sam! We’re excited to have you at Watermark.

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