Resident Interview: Downsizing Residents Amazed by Amenities at Watermark

When Ken and his wife decided to downsize and move closer to their grandchildren, they needed a short-term lease while their house was being built. They have been married for 39 years and had lived in an apartment only for their first year of marriage—so it had been a while since their last apartment experience. Because they’d need to live somewhere for 6 months and were used to owned single family home living, they did their due diligence checking out all apartments available in a 15-mile radius of their previous home in Algonquin.

“Watermark by far was the best built, had the most amenities, and was exactly what we were looking for,” said Ken.

One of the top things that drew them to Watermark included the new construction perks. “In some of the other apartments we looked at, the units are too close together—crammed in. Here, you have plenty of open space. Also, other apartments aren’t nearly as well built as this because this is brand new construction,” said Ken. “We never hear any neighbors. The apartment is very quiet. The rooms are bright and take advantage of daylight. The heating and air is excellent. We love the new washer and dryer. There really isn’t anything I can think of that I don’t like around here!”

They were also drawn to the management and staff. “They are very professional—always answering questions as quickly as they can,” said Ken. “It’s not a situation where you have to wait a long time before things are addressed—they are right on top of it.”

On top of that attention, he appreciates the high quality of services enlisted to care for the residents and the apartments. “The owners have some high standards—you can tell it. The management makes sure cleaning is up to snuff. Even with the snow we had, the equipment they brought in to clean the parking lots—it was industrial grade-removal. It’s nothing cheap—they don’t do anything cheap around here. Everything is high quality,” said Ken. “That’s all a tribute to the management and the owners. It’s the small things that make a big difference.”

They also love the amenities. In fact, when Ken was talking about them, it started to sound like they don’t want to leave! “I’ve used all the amenities available—the car wash, the dog spa, and we’ve definitely used the fitness room. We’ve used the pool over the summer,” said Ken. “Even the dog really likes it here. We used the dog park. I walk the trails daily with our dog—and in bad weather, there is plenty of space to walk him inside. Just to the west of the property, there are more than 3 miles of sidewalk for walks with your dog or just for exercise.”

He and his wife also take full advantage of the patio and outdoor amenities. “My wife has had a number of friends over for s’mores in the fire pit. And I use the grills at least twice a week—there are four different grills, all high quality. I’m a guy who likes grilling—even in the cold weather,” said Ken.

They also enjoy the sense of community fostered by the staff. “They do a number of social events throughout the month, which gives you an opportunity to meet the other residents. They are very nice and all complimentary. The staff really does a nice job,” said Ken.

As far as who enjoyed the apartment the most, it turns out they may even have competitors in the youngest members of their family. “The grandchildren love it here—the elevator, the stairs, the trash shoot. They think it’s really cool,” said Ken.

“We’ve been very pleased and highly recommend it for other people looking for an apartment,” said Ken. “Come to Watermark and save yourself the time and expense of looking elsewhere. We took all that time, and now you don’t have to.”

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