Resident Interview: Watermark Residents on the Benefits of Being First!

We love our early residents—they are exactly the incredible people we imagined would be attracted to the community. And we love hearing that they are into all the features and amenities we included while creating the concept for the perfect community. We recently spoke with the first residents to move to Watermark and loved seeing the community through their eyes. We decided to chat with Mike, another early adopter, and the first person to actually sign a lease at Watermark. Mike is a knowledgeable real estate commercial broker working in the area, and he lives at Watermark with his son. Meet Mike—your potential future Watermark neighbor!

Tell us about yourself and your move.

My son, Spencer, and I previously lived in the Crystal Lake area. We wanted to be in a more convenient area—closer to all of his activities and our relatives. We are now approximately twenty minutes closer to most of Spencer’s sports and social venues. Because Watermark is located within minutes of the interstate, travel in any direction is so much more accommodating.

How did you hear about Watermark?

I knew about Watermark at the Grove through my profession as a commercial real estate broker and my association with Mark Ebacher, one of the owners and the primary developer for this project. From my relationship with Mark, I was well aware the entire project would be first class with attention to all of the current amenities people are looking for in a new residence.

Why did you choose Watermark?

I was attracted by the proximity to I-90, and I enjoy that everything is new. I also was drawn to the spaciousness and layout of the apartments, and the underground parking and storage.

What are your favorite community amenities?

I’m excited about the walking path, fitness room, the HUB storage delivery room, and the ability to walk to nearby restaurants.

Any tips for potential residents?

Now is a great time to check out Watermark because of the benefits of being first. Being one of the first tenants allowed us to “have the pick of the litter,” and we chose a top floor corner unit with great views. And it couldn’t be easier—the move to the apartment was handled seamlessly and the leasing office personnel were very attentive during the move-in process.


Thank you, Mike! We’re excited to have you at Watermark.

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