Hear from Our Residents: Watermark Makes an Exciting First Home for New Resident

At Watermark, we love to welcome residents who are moving from all kinds of different places. We have everyone from out-of-state relocations to those who have called the area home forever. We have residents who are trying maintenance-free apartment living after having been longtime homeowners, and residents who have lived in apartments their whole lives and find Watermark to be top notch. But perhaps most exciting of all are residents who are making their first home at Watermark. We recently loved hearing from Mitchell, a new resident who recently moved from his family home to his new place to call his own at Watermark.

Tell us about yourself and your move.

I moved from Crystal Lake. This was my first move out of my family home. I wanted to move here in order to get on my own as I decided where I want to live permanently. This place was so close to home in Crystal Lake.

Why did you choose Watermark?

I chose it for the great floor plans, fantastic location, and flexible renting options.

What are your favorite features of your apartment?

I love how bright the apartment is, as well as the high ceilings, and new appliances. I enjoy the new feeling of the building.

What are your favorite overall community features?

I will be excited to use the pool and grills once it gets warm out! I enjoying being outside.

What do you like about the Watermark location?

I love that it is close to my family and work.

Why should people looking for an apartment choose Watermark?

There are so many great amenities, and the location is perfect for fun and business.

Any other thoughts?

I can’t wait to enjoy my time here.


We love that you made Watermark your first home, Mitchell! Enjoy settling in—we look forward to seeing you around.

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