Watermark Awarded the Kingsley Excellence Award and Elite 1% ORA Power Ranking: Hear Why from Our Residents!

It comes as no surprise to the residents of Watermark at the Grove that the staff recently accepted a  Kingsley Excellence Award for exceptional customer service, as well as ranking in the top 1% of the nation for best online reputation from J Turner Research in their “2020 Elite 1% ORA Power Ranking” of properties. One shining example of why they’d be receiving award after award is this story from Watermark resident John:

“I stopped at their office yesterday and asked if there is a company I can hire to clean my sliding glass door. I have a rough time, since I have a sore shoulder. I wanted to pay someone—I wasn’t looking for anything free. They had one of their maintenance people at my apartment in less than an hour who cleaned the windows. I wanted to give the guy $20, but he would not take it. It’s the same thing in other areas to—I’ve had a package delivered that’s heavy, and they had someone bring it to my door.”

It’s a story repeated over and over. A resident heads to the office asking for something small, and the staff goes above and beyond in response. Just listen to this story from another resident, Brenda. “I didn’t understand the Amazon Hub for package pickup. They sat me down, went into the account to show how it worked, and walked me there so I could get my package. They were really helpful. The staff is really good.” And David: “The other day, one of them even helped me with an issue I was having with my cell phone’s voicemail. They are always willing to help me. They are great.”

When it comes to apartments and properties, these awards are a big deal. The ORA Power Ranking compares 122,000 properties, so to land in the top 1% is quite the honor. And this is our second straight year of being honored with the Kingsley Excellence Award, which distinguishes communities that outperform the Kingsley Index™ industry benchmark for overall resident satisfaction.

We regularly check in with residents to find out how they are enjoying their life at Watermark, and they can’t stop raving about the customer service. It covers the entire management and staff as well—we hear about the owner stopping in to a resident monthly meet and greet to check in. “The fact that he shows his presence is a huge draw for residents to know he’s invested,” said Jennifer, a resident. We hear about the office staff too many times to count. We even hear about the maintenance staff. From Watermark resident, Marcia, “Jim, the maintenance guy, is just amazing. He’s always extremely polite. He always acknowledges me when we’re outside. We bow to one another.”

And as for why Watermark management continues to go above and beyond for residents? We think John said it best: “This care for residents isn’t listed when you buy it—but I really like it—the service. It’s just a little bit. You don’t ask for a lot, and they are very nice to you. It’s that little stuff that means a lot.”

To sum up, we’ll go to resident Jorge: “And the staff are freaking awesome. They are so nice and so willing to help. If there’s an issue, there is zero delay or downtime. They are so attentive and quick with meeting people’s requests and needs.”

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