Resident Interview: Resident Loves “Second Home” at Watermark

When Simon, a long-time Wisconsin resident, took a job in the Elgin area, he got tired of the long commute. So he did something he’d never done before—looked into renting an apartment to make visits to the office more convenient. And with all of the amenities, Watermark turns out to be the perfect setup for someone who needs a corporate rental in the western suburbs of Chicago. We sat down with Simon to learn more about his experience at Watermark.

Tell us about yourself and your move—where did you live previously? Why were you moving?

I’ve lived in Madison, WI for about 20 years. Recently, my work brought me to the Elgin area and I needed a ‘second home’ closer to the office. Watermark was the perfect solution.

How did you hear about Watermark?

As luck would have it, I drove past the Watermark on my first job interview in the area and thought it looked very nice. Subsequently I did research online, found a lot of favorable reviews, scheduled a tour, and the rest is history.

Why did you choose Watermark?

I was looking for a clean, safe place to live in a convenient location with excellent amenities. Watermark checked all the boxes for me.

What are your favorite features of your apartment and why?

The oversized balcony and lovely bathroom with large shower stall were the features that appealed to me when I toured the apartment. They are great. However, as I’ve settled in, I’ve really come to appreciate the kitchen design as I spend so much time there. The dishwasher is quiet, the gas range a joy to cook on, and there’s plenty of space in the fridge for my beer!

What are your favorite overall community amenities and why?

Well, I take advantage of most of the facilities, including the gym, the dog park, lake walk, terrace (with fire pit!), and the heated garage. It’s difficult to pick a favorite as it depends on the moment. Overall I would say that the 1/2 mile circuit around the lake tops the list as it is a great way to decompress after a day at the office.

What do you like about the Watermark location?

There are two aspects I love about the location. The first is that it is close to work and yet a short hop to the interstate which can either take me into Chicago or back to Wisconsin; Covid19 restrictions permitting! The second is that there are plenty of good restaurants and retail facilities within a short drive, or, in the case of those at the Grove, walking distance.

Why should people looking for an apartment choose Watermark?

The Watermark is a clean, modern, and well-appointed apartment complex in a great location. But don’t take my word for it. The staff here are a pleasure to work with. Schedule a tour, have them show you around and see for yourself.

Any other thoughts?

This is my first apartment. I’m used to living in the suburbs with a lot of space around me. I was a little hesitant about moving to an apartment but as things turned out, I could not be happier.


We are so glad for your creative use of Watermark, Simon. Thrilled you are enjoying it!

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