Resident—and Her Birds!—Love the Nature and Community at Watermark

When Watermark resident Marcia was searching for a home, she saw the walking path and looked no further! Marcia has an adventurous spirit—in the 1980s, she even sailed around the world with her late husband—when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and had so much of the world he wanted to see, she suggested they get the money together and go. Thus began the maiden voyage of Queen Mary II!

Marcia lives at Watermark with her 3 birds, Fred Bird (an African Gray), Barry Claire (a Scarlet Macaw), and Trudy May (a Cockatoo). Since moving here in March, Marcia has loved the pet friendly features and sense of community—especially for her 3 birds, who often can be seen walking with her and even riding the elevator. We sat down with Marcia to get a feel for what she likes best about living at Watermark.

Tell us about yourself and your move—where did you live previously? Why were you moving?

I moved from an apartment in North Aurora, and I was moving here because I’m 15 minutes from my nearest son. Prior to that I had a 4 bedroom house. I was at a former apartment and moved here. It was not a disgruntled downsize. What am I going to do with a 4 bedroom house with no one living with me? The logic isn’t present. And I’m extremely logical. 

How did you hear about Watermark?

My son pointed it out to me as a possibility. I looked at two places and this one won hands down. I keep parrots as pets, and I’m a birder. So looking over a pond full of birds, I was like, “This is the only place I can stay.” Doing a half mile around the track with my dog is also good for me. The amenities far outweighed the other apartment, and I haven’t yet found any weaknesses. 

What birds have you seen on the property?

I see coots, which is unusual. Certainly some large storks that wander around on the grass out back. It’s a really impressive bunch of birds. Plus, of course those little Canadian geese and raptors over the wood. The Fox River Valley has been stocked with bald eagles. I haven’t seen any yet, but I’m expecting some day I’m going to see one. My birds love the view, too! I move their cages so they have a good view, and they are content here.

What are your favorite features of your apartment and why?

It’s roomy. I feel more like I’m in a house than an apartment here. You can be in your living room without feeling like you are right in your kitchen—the kitchen feels separate. It is a very natural setup. I have grandchildren who come to see me. The overhang on the counters perfectly goes with little stools with backrests, and they can eat at the counter with me. You can actually entertain in here, without feeling like you’re exposing your wardrobe—the bedroom feels separate. It feels like home.

The birds are really content here also. In the apartment, they aren’t cooped up and have a balcony they can look over. It really makes them happy. I also take them out for walks inside. They like to go to the first floor to look out the windows. They like riding in the elevators. Everyone we meet is laid back about it. It’s a very accepting apartment building. I’ve been really impressed with it. 

How do you feel about the sense of community?

These feel more like a big combined house to me than an apartment. I go to get my mail, and a neighbor is there, very friendly. We greet each other, talk about what’s going on. As a widow, I need to be around people I can talk to, and that’s present here. Which I find a blessing.

What are your favorite overall community features and why?

I love the walking path. I walk it every day, at least once a day, if not twice. It’s my health regimen. I walk. Also, I moved in after summer weather, but my grandkids enjoy visiting and are dying to use the pool.

I also can’t say enough about the management. I’ve been really impressed with them. They bend over backward to accommodate things. They are there to really help, and that’s quite a pleasant surprise. They actively want to know if there is anything they can do, instead of waiting for complaints. The whole staff is incredible. Jim, the maintenance guy, is just amazing. He’s always extremely polite. He always acknowledges me when we’re outside. We bow to one another.

What would you say to someone considering Watermark?

I would recommend living here. I simply would.


We’re so glad you have found your home here at Watermark, Marcia!

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