Resident Interview: One Watermark Resident Who Loves the Clean and Convenient

Watermark resident David Mahlke was one of the first to spot Watermark when it was under construction, and one of the first to move in July of 2019. We spoke to him about his experience so far, and he kept repeating one word—about his apartment, the community features, and the location: “Convenient.” We love that David is enjoying the easy lifestyle at Watermark—especially since we’ve had convenience in mind for residents while planning all the details of what would go into the community. Learn more about David’s experience!

How did you hear about Watermark?
I moved here from Crystal Lake. I had driven by Watermark when exiting 90. I saw this new development and thought it looked very nice. It’s very accessible, with a lot of restaurants, shops, and things like that nearby. So it was very convenient.

Why did you choose Watermark?
I liked the way the buildings are laid out. The whole thing has a very open, non-congested feel. Plus they are very well built. And the amenities are very nice too.

What are your favorite features of your apartment?
I’m on the first floor. I like the view because I can see the pond there, and the woods—all the open space. It’s like having a gigantic backyard. I also really appreciate the walk in shower—I prefer that to a bathtub. It’s a one bedroom, and everything else is really nicely situated.

What are your favorite overall community features?
I’m always at the gym working out. I do that Monday through Friday. They have a good selection of weights and machines. It’s walking distance—no driving necessary. It’s like having my own gym at home. And the coffee in the clubhouse is great too. I have a free cup that’s already brewed for me after my workouts. Even with Starbucks right nearby, this coffee is as good as Starbucks, it’s here, and it’s free! It’s very convenient.

Also, my building has a club room that is like having my own big living room. It has tons of seating, a television—it makes it very easy to have friends over.

What do you like about the Watermark location?
It’s so convenient—if I do business in Bloomingdale or Schaumburg I hop on 90. It’s only 13 minutes to Schaumburg. Also, the nearby restaurants are nice. I have buddies I meet at Rookies.

Why should people looking for an apartment choose Watermark?
The people here are so friendly, and it’s a nice little community in itself. I like the spread out, spacious feel. It’s open, lots of parking, including underground parking.

It’s also so clean. They keep the grounds very well manicured. In the clubhouse, they are always mopping, cleaning the windows, doing the floors—it continues to look like a brand new place.

And the staff members are always very friendly—if you have a question or issue they are very nice and help you out. The other day, one of them even helped me with an issue I was having with my cell phone’s voicemail. They are always willing to help me. They are great.


We’re so glad you continue to enjoy your life at Watermark, David!

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