Resident Interview: Retired Widower Makes New Home at Watermark

John Campanella was one of the first residents to live at Watermark when we opened in 2019. Previously, he lived in Lakewood, Illinois, just outside of Crystal Lake with his wife of 55 years, who passed away in May of 2019. With such a big life change, he realized he wanted to downsize and went searching for a condo or apartment. We’re so glad he found a home for himself at Watermark! Learn more about John’s story.

Tell us about yourself and your move.
I had a beautiful home with my wife of 55 years, and when she passed away I didn’t want to stay in that big house anymore. I went looking for an apartment. I found this one, and this is where I’m at.

How did you hear about Watermark?
Before my wife passed away, I had to quit my business to stay home to take care of her for a few years. I had owned and run a business for 40 years. While I was home, I took a job as a bus driver for a few months. My bus route took me by Watermark, so I saw it going up. That’s how I found it. When I started looking, I considered a few condos but finally ended up here.

Why did you choose Watermark?
I pulled up in here and talked to the girls at the office. I thought instead of a condo, why not rent a one bedroom? These were new, neat, and clean—and just the right size for me. I don’t need more than what I have. It’s pleasant, being here. It’s new. It’s exactly what I need.

What are your favorite things about Watermark?
I like it because it’s big enough for me. I like the high ceilings—it’s very roomy.

I also like the idea of the amenities around here… I have underground parking, which is very nice in the winter. They have a pool. I don’t swim—I don’t even know how. But I go and sit and just relax. Listen to the waterfall sounds. I enjoy it. Like I said before. It’s pet friendly. I love dogs, but I don’t have one. There are a lot of people her with dogs, and they keep it very clean.

What do you like about the Watermark location?
I also like where it’s at. It’s very easy to get right to the tollway—get on and go anywhere you want to go. The location is very easy to get to or from.

And there are a lot of restaurants nearby. I like them all. Since I don’t know how to cook, it’s pretty handy. I should learn how to cook, but my wife did all the cooking for 54 years. So I enjoy going out.

Why should people looking for an apartment choose Watermark?
When you compare Watermark to other choices, it’s the little things. They keep it clean and neat, cut the grass, make it always look nice—so you know if you have company come here, you can show them the pool, the workout area, all the features, and you are proud of it. That’s what I want.

The people who run the place are very friendly too and go above and beyond. As an example, I stopped at their office yesterday and asked if there is a company I can hire to clean my sliding glass door. I have a rough time, since I have a sore shoulder. I wanted to pay someone—I wasn’t looking for anything free. They had one of their maintenance people at my apartment in less than an hour who cleaned the windows. I wanted to give the guy $20, but he would not take it. It’s the same thing in other areas to—I’ve had a package delivered that’s heavy, and they had someone bring it my door. This care for residents isn’t listed when you buy it—but I really like it—the service. It’s just a little bit. You don’t ask for a lot, and they are very nice to you. It’s that little stuff that means a lot.


John, you’re a great addition to the community at Watermark. We’re so happy you made your home here.

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