Resident Interview: Breast Cancer Survivor and Her New Service Dog at Pet Friendly Watermark

Brenda moved to a 2 bedroom apartment at Watermark in October with her daughter. Brenda is a breast cancer survivor—15 years cancer free—and she regularly visits her oncologist located in a medical office building just outside of Sherman Hospital to ensure she remains cancer free. When searching for apartments, she drove by Watermark, which got her attention. Hear more about Brenda’s story, including her new 4-legged friend, a service dog, who just arrived!

Tell us about yourself and your move—why were you moving?

I was in Woodstock and then separated from my husband and lived with my mom at her apartment in Algonquin. It’s an older apartment complex, and I decided that I needed more room, so I started looking for apartments. I was also going to see apartments in Crystal Lake or Lake in the Hills, but before I did, I visited Watermark. I fell in love with it. I was like, no, I have to live here. 

Why did you choose Watermark?

I was drawn to the apartment layouts. Also, I wanted a higher level apartment, but from the chemo I received I have neuropathy—so my leg feels like sharp pins poking at it. It’s a constant pain. Sometimes when I walk it hurts more than others. Here at Watermark, I can be on the third floor because of the elevators. That’s a big thing for me. 

I also needed a place that was dog friendly, because I just got a service dog. I’m named him Mossimo.  I have to take him to classes, because he’s a puppy. I have to train him to be the service dog that I need. He will be able to help me get things, and to get up if I fall, which sometimes happens because of the neuropathy. 

What are your favorite features of your apartment?

I really like the layout. It’s nice—the open space. I like the white cabinets, and on the windows I like the blackout shades. I share a 2 bedroom with my daughter, and I’m on one side of the house and she’s on the other side. It helps that we can do our own thing. 

What are your favorite overall community features?

I like the amenities it has—the two dog parks, the gym, the pool, and the little seating area on the North Terrace. Other places I’ve been don’t have amenities like that. I like the fact that there’s a garbage chute so we don’t have to go outside the building to throw away the trash. You don’t have to get wet or snowed on or anything like that. 

What do you like about the Watermark location?

I like that it’s literally 10 minutes down the street from my job. I’m always going to see my oncologist, which is literally down the street near Sherman. I like that I don’t have to drive far. On top of that, we have so many things nearby like Chipotle, Gabutto Burger, and all the restaurants around here. It’s really nice. 

Why should people looking for an apartment choose Watermark?

I think they should choose Watermark because of the amenities, because it’s pet friendly, and because of the neighbors. My neighbors are friendly, say hi, and also keep to themselves. It’s  not like other places where they keep knocking at your door, or where they play loud music all hours of the night—it’s not like that here. 

Any other thoughts?

Whenever I have a question, Mary is usually there to answer my questions. If she’s not there, Crystal is there and is very helpful as well too. It seems like the whole staff is really nice. They take their time to help you. For example, I didn’t understand the Amazon Hub for package pickup. They sat me down, went into the account, and walked me there so I could get my package. They were really helpful. The staff is really good. 


We love that you made Watermark your home, Brenda! We can’t wait to see your new puppy around. 

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